Direct Marketing

Accelerating Sales

Making cold sales leads very hot by providing immediate value upfront.

What do you do with a great targeted mailing list of sales leads? How do you break through today's world of message overload? And, engage cold sales leads to qualify themselves through your sales funnel? Pair personalized direct mail with instant online value-add. 

Working with one of the big four educational institutes, I designed a direct marketing campaign that covered all the bases. A personalized hand-written, hand-addressed postage-stamped exclusive invitation to receive a complimentary detailed training needs assessment.  NOTE: When you are looking at any marketing budget think about it purely in the anticipated return on the investment; short-term as well as long term. And not just in terms of sales but how well the campaign positions your brand attributes - smart, innovative, helpful, etc.

Oh yes, the personalized invite led prospects to an online training needs assessment. A big value-add for them at the same time providing highly qualified hot sales leads for immediate follow-up and closing.