Customer Insights

Generating Customer Insights

Measuring performance at over 30 locations and 100K+ transactions.

A household brand name BC service company needed to better understand its customers. I designed what what one Voice of the Customer program review termed as "an advanced level of operationalizing enterprise VOC techniques". 

The program consisted of emailed invitations being automatically sent to all enabled customers, sometimes within minutes of them completing a transaction. Both automated alerts, as well as updates on the deep level customer insights dashboards, were generated within seconds of survey completion. 

The program provided the organization feedback from approximately 25% of its customers within a day of their transaction. Sometimes as quick as a few minutes to drive near real time customer service & sales process improvements; product quality, innovation and ideation; customer analysis, profiling & segmentation; along with brand reputation management. And being recognized as a "visionary VOC practitioner" was a great honour.