Leveraging Technology

Innovating Cross-Promotions

Destination retailers increase customer base on a shoestring.​

How do small shop retailers compete with mega stores and category killers, not to mention the Internet? Often by expanding their geographic reach of customers and redefining themsleves as destination retailers.

The cause and effect of this retail strategy is how do you cost-effectively advertise a retail shop that is positioned as a specialty destination store?  

Here's one method I developed to help such destination retailers harness technology and word-of-mouth advertising. Establishing a weekly e-newsletter/blog appealing to women 25 to 45 and combining it with a customer subscriber program to build individual retailers' e-marketing databases.

Through a secured backend, weekly-emails are assembled with the blog content and ads from neighbouring retailers. Each retailer benefits from being able to advertise to each other participating retailers customer base. Imagine expanding your direct marketing reach by 5 to 10 times the volume?