Leveraging Perceptions

Dispelling long-held views - head on.

​In 2005 I was invited, along with a colleague of mine Kathleen Allisen of Clearpoint Consulting, to combat the negative image the community of Whalley recognized as its biggest challenge to future growth.We quickly formulated a two-pronged approach to show everyone how the tide had shifted in favour of Whalley and that it was set for a rebirth. 

The two pronges consisted of an internal audience, the residents and business owners, and external audience, non-residents and potential investors.  For the internal audience, a renewed view of everything that's good about Whalley in a monthly good news newspaper called 'the new view' and the introduction of fun family events such as Movies Under the Stars. For the external audience, a positive print media campaign that forced viewers to 'take a good look' at what Whalley quickly was becoming along with a 2-minute corporate video on the significant value Whalley offered investors.

In the end our work with the Whalley Business Improvement Association was recognized by the community, the Surrey Mayor and Council as well as mainstream media such as the Vancouver Sun.