Why Marketing Chemist?

I am often asked why I use the title Marketing Chemist. The marketing discipline involves the formulation of key 'elements' into an optimum 'marketing mix' in order to maximize revenue. My work focuses on tweaking existing marketing elements and formulas as well as working to create new solutions. My clients are experts in their own business. My expertise is in helping you, the client, create the correct mix of marketing elements that deliver the maximum results and revenue.

How I Approach My Work!

Holistically. That is I consider everything. I do not focus on or favour one solution over another. I don't sell advertising or think the Internet is the ultimate solution to everything. I am very pragmatic and objective in my approach to companies and what their marketing challenges may be. While I ask alot of questions I listen more than I talk. I listen to hear and understand your business from your perspective. I know that the end solution(s) must work for you and your business. Forget all the acronyms and buzz words, let's just identify what's holding you back and create solutions that make you and your business more successful.