Comprehensive Fully Integrated Business Model

Raising the Bar

I believe in carrots; ones' greatest motivation for achievement is recognition.

Recognition empowers people to be and do their best. Recognition can be as immediate and powerful as a 'personal thank you' or as important and rewarding as earning greater income (sales or salary) and gaining greater longevity (customer loyalty or job security).

I am serving as the architect for a comprehensive, fully-integrated business model designed to recognize exceptional customer service performance. The program's business members receive a full suite of tools and programs to help them achieve higher measures of customer satisfaction and trust which are promoted on the program's website. Consumers, and members' customers, benefit from higher levels of service and finding businesses committed to delivering exceptional service.

The program integrates customer satisfaction surveys and feedback, online dispute resolution, registration requirements, self-declaration, online training, promotions campaigns*, mystery shopping*, and detailed onsite inspections* programs.