Product Development

Revolutionizing Canadian Research

The old adage it can be Fast, Good or Cheap pick two, NEED NOT APPLY.

Transforming an age-old marketing research tool, the omnibus, into a turn of the millennium rocket delivers challenges and rewards. For decades research firms would compile small sets of questions from numerous clients into one large survey, an omnibus, to make quick research more affordable for their clients and help them make high margin revenue.

The challenge was proving to the pollster, with seventy-percent name recognition in Canada, that in fact you can have it all. The reward was creating a finely tuned process that took random sets of questions submitted by various clients, providing results to them 24 hours later that were representative of the national population. A survey of 1000 Canadians, surveyed in both English and French from question to answers within 24 hours. In the end it was 4 days faster than any other competitors omnibus, good enough to call provincial and federal elections and priced the same if not cheaper than its slower competition.