Persuasive Positioning

Shifting Perspectives

Taking politics out of the equation.

March 1991, the Fraser Valley Regional Hospital District purchased property for a new hospital. The property sat vacant for more than a decade due to disagreements over funding formulas. 

In 2002 I began discussions with numerous representatives of various levels of government involved in this stalled project to better understand the root cause of the challenge. A funding formula that kept referring to the $385 million budget as a cost. 

After thoroughly researching challenges facing not only this hospital but health care in general I structured an Integrated Health Services Industry Model to showcase to politicians, government officials, business leaders and residents the potential return on investment a new hospital could have on the entire region not just its home community of Abbotsford.  While most of the approaches explored in this model were never implemented several of those close to the final decision indicated the thoughts brought forward impacted decision-makers opinion of and support for the hospitals funding.