Breakout Advertising

Understanding the REAL Product

Forget selling homes; it's about evoking emotions!

The most critical decisions involved in home buying or selling are based on emotions not logic and are made by women not men. So why do nearly all real estate ads look the same? Why do they all have a picture of a house with a sold sign on the front lawn? Especially when recent consumer research shows that perspective buyers and sellers don't like the SOLD sign imagery. I believe it's because too much 'cookie cutting' is leading to a lot of the same thinking and same designs.  

Understanding the customer and the product is paramount to creating effective advertising. Gone are the days where any business can afford to compensate poor design with increasing the reach or frequency.

This four part postcard series was designed specifically to reach women and to leverage their emotions related to buying or selling a home. It's not a product, it's a life's milestone with countless emotions that must be considered and understood to design breakout advertising.