How I Can Help You Get What You Need

"With over 25 years of experience in marketing strategies, research and branding issues I can help you maximize your revenue."

Assessing Needs.

Increasing revenue requires knowing your company’s strengths and opportunities. Both business and marketing needs must be assessed.  There are a few ways to do this: 

​Marketing Needs Self-Assessment - Complete a simple and confidential evaluation of what maybe affecting your sales and revenue.

One-On-One Consultation - Spend a half day discussing and reviewing your current business and marketing situation and receive a detailed written assessment with recommendations.​

​Comprehensive Assessment - Involving customers (current, past and prospective), sales process evaluation, marketing/brand collateral as well as your sales and advertising plans.​

Making A Plan.

Completing an assessment of strengths and opportunities always provides clear direction and recommends to move forward. Gathering all the learning into a working plan will enable you to get the most out of the information.  

Plans can be as simple or as detailed as required. One key to a successful plan is writing it and then using it again and again. Far too often companies and consultants produce comprehensive plans that require reams of paper to print. The best plan is the one that is read over and over and continously updated as you learn from implementing the recommendations.​​

I specialize in creating and helping companies prepare working plans, whether focused on the overall business or specific marketing actions. Pragmatic, Actionable & Effective.

Working Together.

Each company is unique. Your company requires specific marketing tools and expertise at different stages in its growth and development. I do NOT have an all or nothing approach.

I can support your success by providing 'sounding board' advice, to recruiting, training & mentoring marketing staff through to providing complete project by project management. If you need me in-house for awhile arrangements can be made.

I work with companies like yours to ensure you have the right marketing support at the right time. My goal is to provide you marketing support when and where you need it. Ensuring the custom solutions meet your specific needs so I can help you maximize your revenue.